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Meet the team

Nick Duke

Senior Pastor
Nick leads the staff team at Cornerstone. He’s the husband of Kristie and dad to five. He’s worked with Uni students since 2006 and studied Psychology and Theology.

Steve McAlpine

Acting Senior Pastor
Steve loves the local church. Having worked as a senior pastor for 15-plus years, he now spends most of his time writing and speaking, particularly on cultural negotiation for Christians in the West. He's thrilled to cover Nick's role for a 3-month sabbatical.

Kristie Duke

Pastoral Worker
Kristie is married to Nick and has five kids. She helps newcomers transition into our Cornerstone family, leads bible studies and trains women to love and serve the Lord. She’s full of new ideas and balances that energy with crocheting, baking and walks.

Jordan Peterson

Assistant Pastor
Jordan has three kids with his wife Anna. He loves to see people come to know Jesus through hearing and understanding the gospel. Jordan enjoys the outdoors, talking to people from different cultures, and delicious, healthy food.

Elena Blair

Executive Assistant
Elena came to faith after her flat mate had persistently invited her to come to church. She supports the work and growth of Cornerstone ministries.

Dee Burnell

Children's Ministry Coordinator
Dee is a lover of life. She has a passion to see kids mature into well-rounded individuals who understand just how much God loves them, so that they will live a life that honours Him.

Narelle Denmead

Communications Coordinator
Narelle loves working behind the scenes to equip the pastoral team with compelling communications material. She loves a good font, strong coffee and a long run in the hills.

Emma Williams

Ministry Apprentice
Emma was born in London and moved to Aotearoa in 2012. She loves reading, art galleries, film, live music and experimenting in the kitchen. She’s now preparing for a lifetime of serving God and the church through her ministry apprenticeship.

Caitlin Billington

Pastoral Worker
Caitlin is deeply convicted to see people won for the gospel. After studying law at UC, she completed a three-year apprenticeship at Cornerstone and is now on staff as a pastoral worker and overseeing music and upfront ministry.

José Billington

Pastoral Worker
José grew up as a Catholic, gave up the faith in high school, then was challenged to rethink it all upon being invited to Campus Church where God saved him from death to life. José is works alongside Jordan to support mission at Cornerstone.