Campus Church is meeting at Ilam School, 66 Ilam Road, Sunday 14th July - Sunday 25th August

Campus Church

5 pm Sundays
Haere-Roa, 90 Ilam Road

Campus Church is a dynamic community bringing faith and university life together. Our vision is to see lives transformed as people encounter Jesus through the Bible. Whether you want to deepen your faith or explore Jesus’ claims for the first time, we’d love for you to join us. 

Meeting at the University of Canterbury, Campus Church gathers students and young workers on Sunday evenings. We’re open to all; a community putting our faith into practice at our university campuses and workplaces. The Word of God is central to our lives, expressed in our Sunday services and mid-week Growth Groups; it's through the Bible that we are captivated by Jesus.

Growth Groups

Our Growth Groups are central to the way we walk alongside each other; we grow more like Christ, pray and care for one another, rooted in the Word of God. Campus Church groups all meet at one location for dinner before splitting off for Bible study and prayer.


Being a student is an exciting time of exploration: new ideas, new freedoms, new friends, perhaps even a new city. The relationships and beliefs you develop in your early twenties set the direction for your whole life. Uniconnect will give you the gospel-shaped community you need to work out how the Bible speaks into the life of the student.


Network brings together young adults from Cornerstone City and Campus Church to apply the Word of God to the different facets of life as an adult. You'll find support and friendship in a community of believers dedicated to living for Christ in the workplace. 


When you arrive at Campus Church, Newish is the best place to start. It’s a five-week course designed to welcome you to our church. We look at five areas important for a healthy church and see what the Bible says about belonging to God’s people. It’s perfect if you have already decided to join us regularly, but equally valuable if you’re still unsure and have questions. From there, we can help you with the next step in church life. 


Mid-year Conference is a highlight in the calendar every year. We get out of the city as a church family for a week and connect, hear in-depth Bible teaching on a topic, and engage in singing, prayer, and discussion.

“Camp is a transformative time of being saturated in God’s word with God’s people. You dedicate a week to showing love to your brothers and sisters in deep, impactful and vulnerable ways, through prayer, DMCs and pointing each other to Jesus. It’s the playing out of what we want Christian friendship to be; we carry each other’s burdens as well as being empowered to carry our own in Christ, ultimately drawing closer to Him.” — Luci Trethewey

Ministry training

We've always been big on equipping Christians to know God better and make him known throughout Christchurch, New Zealand and the world. New Zealand desperately needs faithful workers who are well-trained and equipped to proclaim the good news of Jesus. At Cornerstone we intentionally invest into training and sending workers into the harvest field.

We run a number of programmes that provide a space to grow and be equipped with doctrine and practical skills essential to the Christian life, and provide opportunities to serve the church and learn hands-on skills in mission.