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Gospel training for every member

Co-workers is a chance to grow and be equipped with doctrine and practical skills essential to the Christian life.

Co-workers is a gospel training programme for everyone. Two streams meet on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons to grow in doctrinal knowledge and practical skills that are essential to a Christian life of making disciples. We also think it’s valuable to go away for weekends to deepen our relationships as partners in ministry, and to think through larger topics more deeply. We want people of every age, stage and life circumstance to be both convicted and confident to serve.

What's involved?

Co-workers is a three-year programme for both streams, with up to four six-week-long training blocks per year. Blocks cover topics such as evangelism, leading a small group, discipling a young Christian, and doctrine. Trainees are also expected to meet regularly with someone one-on-one to read the Bible and serve on a ministry team at church.

Student stream

5-6 pm Tuesdays

  • 4 x six-week blocks per year

  • Two weekends away

  • Serving in a ministry team

  • Mentorship (Bible one-to-one with an assigned mentor)

General stream

5.30-6.30 pm Wednesdays

  • 2 x six-week blocks per year

  • One weekend away

  • Serving in a ministry team

  • Reading Bible one-to-one

Expressions of interest

If you are interested in joining Co-workers please speak with a member of our pastoral team.