The Sinclairs - Japan

​Mission Statement

Luke and Naomi Sinclair are preparing to go to Japan where they will partner with the KGK (the student Christian group). Their focus will be evangelism and ministry training.



Naomi is a bilingual-missionary-kid and Luke is a language-nerd who went on exchange in Japan during High School. Both of them have been working at Cornerstone church for the past three years but feel that God has uniquely gifted them to serve the church in Japan.

Their ideas for an ultimate ice-cream flavour

Luke: Cookies and Cream + Goldrush + Liquorice

Naomi: Cookies and Cream + Caramel + Cookie dough

Prayer Points

  • Praise God for pastors serving faithfully in Japan. Pray that God might grant them perseverance and encouragement amidst difficult labour. Pray that they might be faithful to God’s word. Pray for energy and creativity amidst Covid-19 restrictions.
  • Pray for God to raise up a new generation of gospel workers (the average age of pastors in Japan is 68). Pray for initiatives like the Samurai Project that seek to develop apprenticeship programs for people in ministry. 
  • Pray for the KGK (the student Christian group) as it reaches out to curious students and equips Christians in ministry. Pray for the 12 staff workers who work in the Tokyo region where there are over 1 million university students. Praise God for their summer camps held online over August. Pray that students would live out the Bible teaching they received.
  • Pray for courage for Japanese people to step apart from their culture to investigate Christianity. Pray that many would be able to overcome their ‘allergy’ to religion and find new life in Jesus.
  • Pray for the Sinclair family as they prepare to transition to a new country and ministry. Pray for good relationships with link churches and supporters. Pray for financial provision for all their ministry needs.
  • Pray for church planting networks and church planting leaders such as Makoto Fukuda (Grace City Church, Tokyo). Pray for God to raise up Japanese church-planters and missionaries who can partner with them. Praise God for creative ways churches are trying to reach time-poor businessman in the Tokyo business district. 
  • Pray for hi-b.a. (high school born again)—a group for Japanese Christian teenagers. Pray for the staff who seek to disciple high schoolers in the midst of their busyness with studies and school activities. Give them wisdom as they seek new ways to reach high school students in Japan.
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