Recommended Reading

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Staff Picks


The Mayor of Casterbridge, by Thomas Hardy

An epic story of living with and moving on from past mistakes. Set in rural 19th century England and full of incredible descriptions and loveable/irritable characters - I really felt like I lived in Casterbridge by the end of it. I recently listened to this as an audiobook (on Libby) which really brought out the dialogue and drama well. 


How to Stay Alive, by Bear Grylls

If you like adventuring outdoors, you'll want to read this book so that you can survive any situation (disclaimer: doesn't include pandemics!). From estimating distance and avoiding blisters, to escaping forest fires and surviving nuclear attacks, this is your guide to all things survival. Written by Bear Grylls, of Man vs Wild fame; this book is well worth a read! 


The King's Speech

This is a fantastic historical novel written by the grandson of Lionel Logue, an Australian Speech Therapist who worked with King George VI to help him overcome his stutter. It's a fascinating insight into their lives, and a really engaging, easy read.