What If?

What if Jesus is not a fairytale but actually makes a difference in our lives today? This July 14-28, UK pastor and author Andrew Sach will be exploring a number of “What if..?” questions about this remarkable man and what that might mean for us today. All are welcome - whether you are a believer, a skeptic or just unsure – please come and join us.


Rev Dr Andrew Sach is a British pastor, author and speaker. He serves part-time at Grace Church Greenwich, and part-time as a tutor on the Cornhill Training Course, helping to train other preachers. He has a background in science that began with an explosives factory in his parents’ garage aged 15 and ended with a PhD on why two ears are better than one. He enjoys playing Bach on the piano and attempting to pour nice shapes in his coffee with frothed milk. He has 8 godchildren.


Sunday Meetings:

What if God is big enough to be scary? - Community Church, July 14

What if the world has a problem we can’t fix? - Campus Church, July 14

What if Jesus calls for martyrs? - Community Church, July 21

What if Jesus’ death were planned? - Campus Church, July 21

What if Jesus’ resurrection really makes a difference today? - Community Church, July 28

What if I’m still not sure about Jesus? - Campus Church, July 28


What if Jesus is radically inclusive? - Campus Event, July 23

What if Atheism is bad science? - Campus Talks, July 24

What if I asked God, “Do you love me?” Women’s Event, July 25

What if Agnosticism isn’t the safest bet? - God in the Pub, July 25

What if only Jesus makes sense of suffering? - Dinner Event, July 26, Get Tickets

What if life before death isn’t everything? - Breakfast Event, July 27, Get Tickets